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17 Dec 2011|10:46pm
Welcome To The iMaxi Pad....
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This baby is 98% locked at the knee and is only available to LJ users who have added me to their "Friends List".

If you're an LJ user and wish to read my entries, please comment and let me know. I'd be happy to have you along for the ride.  

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22 Feb 2011|02:11am
Apples & Oranges
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Tonight I got a wild hair up my ass. I somehow managed to log into LJ after a few months of computer issues and hermiting, and clicked my counter. Yes. CONFESSION: I have a tracker on my blog. Have since day one and have had one on every blog I've had with LJ. I know what city, what measly little town and every country visitors stalk from.


I completely forgot exactly HOW MUCH information I've had on the Internet since 2007, saw views to my old blog and logged into it, locking every single post. I've done the same here, because though I refuse to read my past posts on -this- blog, and I should probably just delete them all for the sake of my own sanity, there are many private things I was going through emotionally and expressing openly I'd really rather not have on the web. I guess I'm spring cleaning my Internets. 

Otherwise life is fantastic. A FAR stretch from last year around this time, though back then I assumed life was fantastic too. If only I had known what I know now. But it -really- is fantastic. My car is paid off, debts are paid off, my health issues are coming to a close and my son turned 11 two weekends ago (the 12th). He's growing up so very fast and is very mature for his age. It's incredible. He was accepted into the Highly Academically Gifted program at a magnet school for next year, which we needed to apply to since he's graduating Elementary School in June and heading into Middle School. It still seems like yesterday when he was marching into Kindergarten. 

I'm aware this isn't much of a post; it's more of a brief update. It's almost spring and like the trees I'm sprouting new leaves and waking up from a very, very long sleep. But speaking of which, it's late. Night night.
- Steph
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